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FUFA is an acronym for Full Facts. People love to throw interesting facts during conversations. It could be an impromptu quiz at the dinner table, an ice breaker during a date or a clinching argument in a heated debate. FUFA is produced both in video and still format and is heavily promoted on social media.

Frisbee Inventor Becomes Frisbees

Belgian King and The Abortion Dilemma

The Olympic Flag Prank

Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears

Tambi Ki Baat Lambi

Tambi Ki Baat Lambi mixes Indian cynicism with its craze for celebrities. Tambi is a Tamilian manager of a South Indian eatery who is perennially busy and hates to be disturbed. Hence, when his phone rings, the person on the other end better make sense else Tambi will shower him with a heap of rebukes. It is an animated property aimed to tickle your funny bone.

Tambi Ki Baat Lambi – Kejriwal

Tambi Ki Baat Lambi – Salman

Tambi Ki Baat Lambi – V J Mallya

Tambi Ki Baat Lambi – Tiger